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The user can check the real time location from the smartphone with a postion on the map.

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Inside the tracker, there is flashmemory which allow the tracker to keep recording the positions as a data logger function so that user can view the tracker whole trip even there is no GSM network coverage. With the inclusive Haicom Tracking software, user can view the history position data on the user friendly map. Also, with the build in motion sensor, user can setup the tracker to go sleeping mode activaly or passively to save the tracker power consumption.

HIX uses the most user-friendly program on the air technology via GPRS data transfer to send back the real time GPS location data directly to another phone and user can track any moving object live on the map free of charge from our GPRS web tracking platform. With simply SMS command from any phone, user can easily get the tracker real time data back anywhere. With HIX multi function tracker, one can track, remote control, tapping any object globally in real time on the map. User can check the real time location from the GPRS tracking web site or using the Haicom Tracking software installed on the PC and check the real time position on the map via the regular dial tone transmission.

HIX tracking Device is the best tracking solution for use in the widest range of applications, from motor homes to mobile home, from cars to caravans, from agricultural machinery to construction equipment, from containers to golf carts — all the assets that you feel could be at risk, especially if they do not have their own source of power. Just place the tracker where there is no metal material on above, user can see his valuable anytime, anywhere from any computer.

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Looking forward to have a professional and updated platform with good features to be able to continue in the market due to high competition. Mohamed Eshikh,Assafir. I glad to worked with your company Steven Michiels,You Trace. We bought the software in the beginning of this year and start selling in March.

How to Track Oppo Smartphone Remotely

It is easy to use. Use to setup by us or the costumer.

Track any mobile number location with proof ( with download link )

User friendly. Antoine Bartolo,Worldfone 1 Co. It also covers the initial starting point we required from multiple end with regards to app support, branding, multi-language, multi-device. GPSWOX also gives us security in term of long term customizations and regular updates, as well as the ability to provide basic driving quality reports, without obviously forgetting the value for money. I started on the tracking business on Aug After several years on using different tracking platforms I found the best way to do great business.

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How to use GPS to locate things and track people - The Economic Times

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